Our Commitment

A vital aspect of Multiyasa Abadi Sentosa’ continued success is our strong partnerships with SME’s and home industries in Solo, Indonesia. From our in-depth understanding of the long history of crafts and arts in the region, our company has capitalised on the export potential of the country’s indigenous handicraft industry. Through our cooperation, we have created an environment that benefits more than 300 local SMEs as well as preserving the age-old craftmanship and traditions of handicraft making.


As part of our cooperation with our local SME and home industry partners, Multiyasa Abadi Sentosa facilitates training and education on handicrafts design, material selection, as well as quality standards and assurance, enhancing the skill-sets of our SME partners in the process. Through this, we can foster innovation and develop designs of increasing complexity and find new ways of utilising our raw materials.

Split into divisions based on the products being made, our SME partners are each provided with  qualified quality control personnel who determines the accuracy and condition of each item before it is sent to the factory for final inspection and finishing. We implement a transparent communication system across our business to develop proactive policies that improve the welfare of our workers and SME partners and thus encourage greater efficiency throughout our operations. Furthermore, our partnerships provide a platform for our company to better integrate with the surrounding communities and thereby providing opportunities for employment as well as contribute to local economic growth in the long-term.


As every new collection is a result of innovative ideas garnered from our special cooperation, we understand the importance of nurturing the growth and skills of our SME partners for bringing your brand’s artistic vision to life.