Order Information

Multiyasa Abadi Sentosa accepts orders with a minimum value of $5,000 USD and allows for mixed item types and quantities. After confirmation of the order, we develop prototypes which are assessed by the client before continuing to manufacture the desired quantities.

Our manufacturing lead times are as follows:


  • Prototypes development lead time: 2 weeks.
  • Manufacturing lead times for new items: 90-120 days.
  • Manufacturing lead times for repeat orders: 75-90 days.

Payment Terms

We accept payments via Sight or Irrevocable Letter of Credit (LC). Payment through Bank Transfer is also accepted with a minimum 50% deposit upon confirmation of the order, and the remaining 50% upon the release of the original shipping documents. We provide Free-On-Board (FOB) services from the ports in the cities of Semarang, Jakarta and Surabaya.

Our products’ unit price thus consists of the following components;


  • The item’s cost
  • Cost for standard packaging (double wall carton box used) with shipping marks
  • Cost for standard labelling or barcodes
  • Local warehousing charges
  • Local trucking charges
  • Terminal handling charges
  • Shipping documents charges


When payment completion is confirmed, copies of the shipping documents will be sent via fax or email with the original documents being sent by express mail.

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