Using Banana Bark as a Raw Material

Banana trees only flower once and when they are cut down, the bark is often discarded during the banana harvesting process when in fact it can be treated, and processed to become rope that can be used for making beautiful handicrafts. MAS makes uses of this excellent waste produce to use it as a resource for weaving handicrafts such as baskets and stools that are sold locally and are sought after on the international market.

Using Yarn Sizing Waste For Handicrafts

Multiyasa makes use of all waste materials from parent company PT Dan Liris from the yarn sizing process to create new handicraft products as part of its mission to be fully sustainable in all aspects of the supply chain and production process. The waste yarn is twisted into rope which is used as a raw material for creating high quality handicraft products such as woven stools.

MAS Craftsman Training December 2019

In December 2019, Multiyasa carried out craftsman training in two different locations namely:

  1. On 17th-20th December 2019 in Sukoharjo with 32 participants
  2. December 23rd-27th 2019 in Wonogiri with 25 participants

These training and evaluation sessions provide the opportunity to select and train new craftsmen to join the MAS team and provide local employment opportunities that benefit the entire community.

MAS Craftsman Training November 2019

Over the course of November 2019, MAS carried out training events to recruit new craftsman in various locations across Central Java. The following events took place:

1. 4th-7th November 2019 in Sukoharjo, with a total of 13 participants
2. 5th-7th November 2019 in Bantul, Yogyakarta, with 17 participants
3. 7th November 2019 in Kulonprogo, with 9 participants
4. 11th-12th November 2019 in Wonosari, with 13 participants
5. 9th-19th November 2019 in Cirebon, with 18 participants
6. 21st-25the November 2019 in Sukoharjo, with a total of 7 participants
7. 22nd-28th November 2019 in Sukoharjo, with 15 participants

MAS Craftsman Training September 2019

Continuing its series of craftsmanship training events across Central Java to provide local employment opportunities to the community, MAS undertook a training and evaluation events in 4 different locations:

  1. 1st-4th October 2019 in Polanharjo, with 11 participants
  2. 1st-3rd October 2019 in Klaten, with 28 participants
  3. 15th-18th October 2019 in Polanharjo, with 16 participants
  4.  22nd-25th October 2019 in Magelang, with 46 participants

MAS Craftsman Training September 2019

MAS regularly carries out training and recruitment events across Central Java to identify new craftspeople to work with and provide employment opportunities in the local area. In September 2019 the following training activities were carried out:

1. 2nd to 4th September 2019 in Sukoharjo with 17 participants

2. 10th to 13th September 2019 in Klaten with 20 participants

3. 18th to 21 September 2019 at Temanggung; with 39 participants

4. 25th to 27th September 2019 in Boyolali with a total of 12 participants

5. 24th to 30th September 2019 in Boyolali with 21 participants

MAS Craftsman Training August 2019

In August 2019, MAS conducted training on handicraft production to recruit new craftspeople and therefore improve their family income and living standards.

Two training sessions took place:

  • 13th to 15th August in Bantul, Yogjakarta for 39 people
  • 28th to 30th August in Klaten for 10 people
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